Friday, April 16, 2010


The value of a sketchbook cannot be understated. The dimensions, the stock weight and colour, the feel of the outer cover, the binding: all particular to an individual. For some (myself), there can be no compromise. Canson used to make my sketchbook, a 7 x 9" Casebound canvassed hardcover, probably 80lb manilla textweight stock. It took light watercolour washes, and my ballpoint dug in enough to make use of noticeable lineweight variance. It was discontinued in 2007.

I tried a handful of alternatives, but none suited me. Too large, too small, stock weight too light or too heavy. It had actually somewhat stifled my enthusiasm for journaling, disappointment within the first 10 pages. So late winter I finally got fed up and decided to bind my own books. I bought an 18x24" pad of offwhite, 80lb textweight stock, which could again take light watercolour washes. I trimmed out 6 sheets per page, 8 x 9" each. I found some scraps of hardboard at HomeDepot for use as the hardcover and spine, and sprayglued canvas material to it. The pages were perfect bound with bookmaking glue. 2 books, 66 pgs each. Below are some pics!

They've held up pretty well so far, a few pages have had to be partially re-adhered, but more or less a successful project. Making them was fun, but filling them up is even more fun!
I may have been kind of inspired by my crafty friend Rosemary Travale, check her out! She's made a bunch of scrapbook/sketchbooks in the past, as well as everything else I can think of.

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